Our Work

A joint committee of the John E. Fetzer Institute and Memorial Trust gathered and defined Key Words which held the deepest spiritual meaning and value for John E. Fetzer and his legacy. Our key values, as described by our founder, include love, forgiveness, awakening, freedom, courage, vision, spirit, wholeness and mystery.

We conduct legacy programs by documenting the life and spiritual legacy of John E. Fetzer, creating works about the vision, and hosting events that support embodying the mission. We also conduct a science program described as the Fetzer Franklin Fund.

The Trust has published three books by or about John E. Fetzer.

For a free copy of any of the books below, email the book title, your name and mailing address to: brucefetzer@fetzertrust.org.

John Fetzer: On a Handshake (1997), by Dan Ewald, the story of John Fetzer's 25-year ownership of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club. As an owner, John Fetzer remained a largely anonymous figure who actually exerted more power in MLB as a guiding hand than did his more notorious owner-peers of the era. John Fetzer believed in the tradition of baseball and what it means to America.

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John Fetzer, Stories of One Man's Search (2004), by Carol Hegedus, a biography of John Fetzer which endeavors to tell the story of his personal life including his influential spiritual roots and motivations. One Man's Search attempts "to capture the spirit of the man and his legacy."

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America's Agony (2007). Originally penned by John Fetzer as the final section of his 1972 genealogy book The Men from Wengen, and Prologue by Jacob Needleman, America's Agony is John Fetzer's spiritual vision of the current and future trials and triumphs of the American Nation and its people.

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Current Work

The Trust is currently working on 2 new projects:

  1. An archival project regarding John Fetzer's life-long spiritual journey, gathering documents and conducting interviews in order to detail first hand, as much as possible, all of the many facets of that journey.
  2. An essay series placing John Fetzer's life and spiritual journey in the context of the cultural, religious and spiritual trends and movements of the 20th century.

The Trust has produced two videos about John Fetzer:

Season of Love's Perfection (2012), a short historical fiction written and directed by Eric DelaBarre about the spiritual values underpinning John Fetzer's ownership of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club.

JEF Global Conference Speech - 1988 (2012), the video of John Fetzer's speech at the John E. Fetzer Institute's World Conference, "Healing the Whole Person and the Whole World" which was held in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1988. John Fetzer speaks of his own healing process from a heart attack as a metaphor for both the conference and for the John E. Fetzer Institute mission in the 1980's and 90's.

The Trust hosts periodic multi-day 'inner practice' workshops for trustees and staff of the Institute and Memorial Trust. Recent examples have included:

  • Holotropic Breathing, presented by Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Shamanistic Journeying, presented by Michael Harner, Ph.D.
  • iRest Yoga Nidra meditation, presented by Richard Miller, Ph.D.